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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Best Bets | Featured Pick | Daytime | Primetime | Late Night | Tomorrow

Main TV Picks Page for September 11, 2002 | TVPicks.Net front page.

This version of my TV Picks covers the coverage of the anniversary of 9/11/01. If you'd like to read about alternatives to the coverage of the anniversary, you'll want to visit this other version of today's picks.

Expect fewer commercial interruptions today. In some cases, no commercials may air on some networks.

Networks with almost continuous or continuous coverage today: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MTV, MSNBC, FOX News, History Channel, others.

Best Bets:

Tom Brokaw hosts a Town Meeting (NBC, 11:30am-3pm).
Peter Jennings anchors 9/11: Answering Children's Questions, Looking Back, Looking Ahead (ABC, 3pm).
Interview with President George W. Bush on 60 Minutes II (CBS, 7pm).
Find out what Sept. 11 was like for air traffic controllers on a Tom Brokaw 9/11 Special (NBC, 7pm-8pm).
Presidential Address (CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, et al at 8pm)
A Requiem for September 11th (PBS, 9pm).
Three Weeks After Paradise (Bravo, 9pm and midnight).
The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS, 10:35pm)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC, 11:35pm)

Featured Picks:

I don't know what to tell you. There's really too much coverage. You can look through this page. You can visit and and check out their links to information about the coverage. You can visit websites for the various networks or follow links I've provided. Read the TV listings yourself if you'd like. Or just surf from network to network to see whose coverage of the memorials you like best.

I know this is mostly a list, without a lot of detail. I've already put many hours into my picks for this single day and while I could spend some more hours trying to write up lengthier descriptions, I'm gonna stop now. I hope this helps you figure out what's on and what might be of interest to you. I've not watched many of the specials thus far, it's too hard for me.

I know that I felt ABC did the best job with the 9/11 coverage last year, mostly because they didn't give the events a catchy title and they didn't air footage of the events. They were restrained, I appreciated that. Maybe they'll do a great job on the anniversary, maybe other networks will. Maybe it doesn't really matter.

PBS has aired some great coverage, so their specials are worth checking out if you haven't seen them yet. I like the sounds of the Requiem at 9pm, seems better than the concert over on NBC.

I'm betting the stuff I'll like the best today that touches a bit on 9/11 will be the late night talk shows (especially Letterman and Conan), possibly The Caroline Rhea Show (she's got Suzanne Vega singing, can't beat that), and the coverage on ESPN (of all places).

Remember that the late night talk shows will likely be delayed at least 15 or 20 minutes because of the Presidential address at 8pm. All the other post-8pm programming on the big networks will be delayed, too.

And if you get tired of coverage, check out my alternate picks for some suggestions of other things to watch. Or just flip on over to the Cartoon Network, TV Land, or Turner Classic Movies.


Expect coverage pretty much all day long on CNN. Of memorials all over and the like on America Remembers (CNN, 5am-).

MSNBC is also calling their coverage America Remembers (MSNBC, 3am - ).

Dan Rather leads the day's coverage of commemorative events taking place in New York, Washington, D.C., Shanksville, Pa., and elsewhere around the country starting on The Early Show (CBS, 6am). Details and schedule for the CBS coverage.

On ABC, Reporters cover the events marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in coverage they're calling simply 9/11 (ABC, starting at 6am). Details/Schedule for ABC coverage.

Katie Couric and Matt Lauer anchor live coverage of events commemorating Sept. 11, 2001 on Today (NBC, 6am-11:30am).

Suzanne Vega, Sharon Salzburg, Sarah Chang on a special "Day of Remembrance" episode of The Caroline Rhea Show (syndicated, check your local listings).

Remembering the Mothers who died on 9/11/01 on Oprah (syndicated, check your local listings).

Music Videos: With 9/11 Video Postcards (MTV, 6am).

Outside the Lines: 9/11: One Year Later (ESPN2, 6am-7am).

9/11 Memorial: Faces of 9/11 (A&E, 7am-).

"New images from thousands of lenses form a chilling and heroic mosaic of that awful day" on 9/11 Memorial (History Channel, 7am-).

Flight 93: A Call to Action (ESPN2, 7am).

"Ed Gordon and Jacque Reid cover commemorations and discuss the impact on the black community" on September 11th: Telling Our Stories (BET, 7:30am-9am).

The Bravest Team: The Rebuilding of the FDNY Football Club (ESPN2, 8am, 6pm, 10pm).

MTV News Now: Pop Culture Post 9/11 (MTV, 8am-9am, 8pm-9pm).

9/11 Then and Now (WGN, 9am).

"Profiles of five women show how their lives were changed forever by the events of Sept. 11" in Stories of Hope, Healing and Courage: Remembering 9/11 (Lifetime Movie Network, 9:30am; Lifetime, 10:30am).

VH1 Remembers Concert for New York (VH1, 10am, 5pm).

First Response (History Channel, 10am).

Inside Islam (History Channel, 11am-1pm).

Tom Brokaw Town Meeting (NBC, 11:30am-3pm).

Baseball (ESPN, 11:30am). Not sure what game you'll get, but there are many good ones to choose from. And yeah, most Noon games will feature memorial services starting at 11:30am (I'm going to the Twins game at the Metrodome, we're playing the Detroit Tigers).

The World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon (History Channel, 1pm-3pm, 8pm-10pm).

Baseball: Montreal Expos at Chicago Cubs (WGN, 1pm).

Carson Daly hosts TRL: We Remember (MTV, 2:30pm, 9pm).

Baseball: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants (ESPN, 2:30pm).

Peter Jennings anchors 9/11: Answering Children's Questions, Looking Back, Looking Ahead (ABC, 3pm).

The Pentagon (History Channel, 3pm).

War on Terror: A Year in Review (History Channel, 4pm).

Babies of 9/11 (TLC, 4pm, 11pm).

Relics From the Rubble (History Channel, 5pm, 10pm).

Still Riding: Rescue Company New York City (TLC, 5pm, 1am).


Baseball: Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees (ESPN, 6pm).; Baseball: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (ESPN2, 6pm).

VH1 reruns The Concert For New York City (VH1, 6pm-11:30pm).

A "unique collection of photographs" on Here Is New York (TLC, 6pm).

First Response (History Channel, 6pm).

The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer (PBS, check your local listings).

Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero (PBS, check your local listings).

Exclusive interview with President George W. Bush on 60 Minutes II (CBS, 7pm).

"Air- traffic controllers recall how the events of Sept. 11 unfolded" on a Tom Brokaw 9/11 Special (NBC, 7pm-8pm).

"Interviews reveal lives forever altered by the Sept. 11 disasters" on 110 Stories (TLC, 7pm, midnight).

"Over 150 World Trade Center attack survivors share their stories" on Donahue 9/11 Town Meeting (MSNBC, 7pm and 10pm).

The Day the Towers Fell (History Channel, 7pm and 11pm). Snapshots by professional and amateur photographers (some are pretty graphic).

Portraits of Grief (Discovery Channel, 7pm and 10pm, 1am).

Brit Hume hosts Fox News: 9/11 -- The Day America Changed (FOX, 7pm-9pm).

Investigative Reports: Anatomy of September 11th (A&E, 7pm-9pm; 11pm-1am).

Another airing of In Memoriam: New York City 9/11/01 (HBO, 7pm).

The two hour episode of Doc (PAX, 7pm-9pm) called "Some Gave All" which pays tribute to those who perished on 9/11.

SportsCenter Flashback: September 11 (ESPN Classic, 7pm and 11pm).

The President is expected to speak at 8pm, this will likely push all the network programs scheduled to air after 8pm back 15-20 minutes or more. Please plan accordingly. Should air on the major networks. Most non-news cable programming should air without interruption or delay.

10,000 children try to move on without parents on After 9/11: Rebuilding Lives (Discovery Channel, 8pm and 11pm).

Love's Legacy: The Babies of 9/11 (ABC Family, 8pm).

World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse (TLC, 8pm).

The World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon (History Channel, 8pm-10pm; midnight-2am).

Major League Baseball on September 11 (ESPN Classic, 8pm and midnight).

Tom Brokaw hosts a two-hour concert event from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts called Concert For America (NBC, 8pm or after the Presidential address). Featuring India.Arie, Alan Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Isaak, Denyce Graves, Plácido Domingo, Gloria Estefan, Renée Fleming, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Josh Groban, and others. The President and First Lady will attend the event.

CBS will rerun their 9/11 special after the Presidential address. It's the Emmy-nominated special by two French filmmakers that aired earlier this year. Features footage from inside the towers after the initial attack. It's compelling, but tough viewing. A little manipulative (I'll let you know ahead of time: the rookie lives).

Larry King Live: America Remembers (CNN, 8pm).

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the Westminster Choir stage a memorial concert in Liberty State Park against the backdrop of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty on A Requiem for September 11th (PBS, 9pm).

"Playwright Israel Horovitz recounts the personal events of his life in the wake of the attack on the World Trade Center" in Three Weeks After Paradise (Bravo, 9pm and midnight).

Rebuilding Ground Zero (Discovery Channel, 9pm and midnight).

The First November: World Series 2001 (ESPN Classic, 9pm and 1am).

Minute by Minute: Attack on the Pentagon (A&E, 9pm, 1am).

World Trade Center: Triumph & Tragedy (Travel Channel, 9pm).

Pentagon Under Fire (TLC, 9pm).

Baseball (ESPN, 9pm). Game still TBA.; Baseball: Oakland A's at Anaheim Angels (ESPN2, 9pm). Games may vary. There'll be a moment of silence at 9:11pm during the games and expect some special 9/11 coverage, but so far ESPN's handled this sort of thing gracefully. You can enjoy a good ballgame without having too much 9/11 stuff in it.

Late Night:

Inside Flight 93 (TLC, 10pm).

Nanci Griffith, other guests TBA on The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS, 10:35pm).

Sen. John McCain, Goo Goo Dolls, James Woods on The Tonight Show (NBC, 10:35pm).

Sarah Vowell, Carson Daly, Joan Osborne on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC, 11:35pm).

Ben Stein, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Marilyn Scott on The Late Late Show (CBS, check your local listings).

Denis Leary, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise on Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC, check your local listings).

Tomorrow Morning:

Nia Vardalos, Meredith Vieira, Aaron Carter on Live with Regis and Kelly (syndicated, check your local listings).

Catherine Deneuve, Claire Shipman, Eva LaRue, John Callahan on The View (ABC, check your local listings).

Jamie Lynn-Sigler (of The Sopranos), Duncan Sheik, Colin Cowie, Jackee Harry on The Caroline Rhea Show (syndicated, check your local listings).

Honoring Fathers who died on 9/11/01 on Oprah (syndicated, check your local listings).

Enjoy these picks? Tell me why (or just say "hi") and/or make a donation (if you haven't done such things already or in a while). I'm not paid to put together these picks, right now I'm unemployed, so every little bit of money (or encouragement) helps. Thanks!

posted by Laurel Krahn
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TV Quote of the Day:

"It's going to take a long time for us to digest the most important thing that's happened to America in 50 years, and to understand what it truly means."

- Ken Burns


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